A fictional series about the creation of a bond between a demented grandmother and her grandchild.

Production / Videography / Video Editing / Typography

The demented grandmother and her grandchild are having trouble creating a bond.The grandchild often pays his grandmother a visit, but feels obliged to do so. One day he finds a picture of his grandmother with a baby alligator. After he confronts his grandmother with the photo, she starts telling all kinds of absurd stories. In its own way, through these stories, the bond between the two that was always missing, starts arising.

The books on the book shelf symbolise all of her memories. There are books being added to the shelf in the beginning, these are memories that she’s making at the very last moment. Suddenly books start falling from the shelf. These are the memories that she loses. Only the blue books with the titles remain standing until the end. These are the absurd stories she remembers because of her picture with the baby alligator, as well as the episodes of this series. Each episode will have a different ending, each time a different book that is taken out of the closet.